• Quick Facts: The Colombia Basics

    Quick Facts: The Colombia Basics

    The official language is Spanish. Independence day is July 20 (independence declared in 1810) Colombia is a democracy, a multi-party republic with a President, Vice President, Congress & Senate and an independent Supreme Court. The outgoing President is Ivan Duque (Conservative). Gustavo […]

  • Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates

    Exchange rates on major currencies against the Colombian Peso (COP). This will be updated from time to time. USD = 4531 COP CAD = 3309 COP EUR = 4331 COP GBP = 5007 COP AUD = 2942 COP (from xe.com updated¬†Thu Sep […]

  • Rules for Travelers to Colombia

    Rules for Travelers to Colombia

    If you have proof of full COVID vaccination (boosters not required), you do not need a negative test before you fly to Colombia. If you are not vaccinated, you will need a negative PCR test. Don’t forget to fill out the online Check-Mig form before your trip and […]

  • Who is Fernando Botero?

    Who is Fernando Botero?

    Fernando Botero is arguably Colombia’s most famous painter and sculptor and its greatest gift to the art world. His creations are on display all over the world and especially in his hometown of Medell√≠n National treasure Fernando Botero was born in 1932 […]

  • Who is Amparo Grisales?

    Who is Amparo Grisales?

    It’s almost impossible to live in Colombia without hearing about Amparo Grisales, just like you’re sure to hear about one Kardashian or another in the USA. Who is Amparo? Amparo’s celebrity status started at just 14 as a Colombian soap star in […]

  • What are Falsos Positivos?

    What are Falsos Positivos?

    Not all victims of violence in Colombia were at the hands of narco-terrorists: Around 6,500 innocent citizens were murdered by the military and passed off as rebels. The falsos positivos (false positives) massacres are still in the news many years after the […]