• Quick Facts: The Colombia Basics

    Quick Facts: The Colombia Basics

    The official language is Spanish. Independence day is July 20 (independence declared in 1810) Colombia is a democracy, a multi-party republic with a President, Vice President, Congress & Senate and an independent Supreme Court. The outgoing President is Ivan Duque (Conservative). Gustavo […]

  • Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates

    Exchange rates on major currencies against the Colombian Peso (COP). This will be updated from time to time. USD = 4607 COP CAD = 3429 COP EUR = 5023 COP GBP = 5720 COP AUD = 3127 COP (from xe.com updated Mon Apr […]

  • Rules for Travelers to Colombia

    Rules for Travelers to Colombia

    If you have proof of full COVID vaccination (boosters not required), you do not need a negative test before you fly to Colombia. If you are not vaccinated, you will need a negative PCR test. Don’t forget to fill out the online Check-Mig form before your trip and […]

  • Stellar Estrella

    Stellar Estrella

    The word suburb usually evokes boredom in the minds of North American expats, but it bears reminding that in Colombia, satellite cities are often self-contained and started out as totally independent villages and towns long before they swelled from the presence of […]

  • Caldas, Gateway to Medellín

    Caldas, Gateway to Medellín

    If you want to live in Medellín, you don’t have to live in Medellín! There’s many municipalities, each with a character of its own, in the greater Medellín area to choose from. The southernmost one is Caldas… Caldas, the city, not the departamento, is a narrow […]

  • Which is Better? Medellín’s Rum OR Caldas’?

    Which is Better? Medellín’s Rum OR Caldas’?

    Stay here long enough and it becomes likely locals will ask you a trick question: Which rum is better? Ron Medellin or Ron de Caldas? (Ron is rum in Spanish) The Safe answers The Wrong Answers Answer this if you want hate… […]