• Quick Facts: The Colombia Basics

    Quick Facts: The Colombia Basics

    The official language is Spanish. Independence day is July 20 (independence declared in 1810) Colombia is a democracy, a multi-party republic with a President, Vice President, Congress & Senate and an independent Supreme Court. The outgoing President is Ivan Duque (Conservative). Gustavo […]

  • Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates

    Exchange rates on major currencies against the Colombian Peso (COP) are available online at various sites. Here are some quick links (links to Bloomberg or Google Finance) USD CAD EUR GBP AUD Please remember that these are mid-market rates so NOT what […]

  • Rules for Travelers to Colombia

    Rules for Travelers to Colombia

    Except for a small list of countries, just about any visitor is granted a 90 day stay without requiring a visa. Don’t forget to fill out the online Check-Mig form before your trip and also before you leave Colombia: https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/en

  • Stellar Estrella

    Stellar Estrella

    The word suburb usually evokes boredom in the minds of North American expats, but it bears reminding that in Colombia, satellite cities are often self-contained and started out as totally independent villages and towns long before they swelled from the presence of […]

  • Caldas, Gateway to Medellín

    Caldas, Gateway to Medellín

    If you want to live in Medellín, you don’t have to live in Medellín! There’s many municipalities, each with a character of its own, in the greater Medellín area to choose from. The southernmost one is Caldas… Caldas, the city, not the departamento, is a narrow […]

  • Which is Better? Medellín’s Rum OR Caldas’?

    Which is Better? Medellín’s Rum OR Caldas’?

    Stay here long enough and it becomes likely locals will ask you a trick question: Which rum is better? Ron Medellin or Ron de Caldas? (Ron is rum in Spanish) The Safe answers The Wrong Answers Answer this if you want hate… […]