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  • Life in a Medellín Barrio

    I have an intimate knowledge of life in an old Medellín barrio through my extended family. I’ll try to describe what it’s like, but let’s be clear that this isn’t a critical point of view, just observations. The House The house is […]

  • Hacking Colombia: Income Taxes

    Many expats living here don’t file annual income taxes with the DIAN, Colombia’s tax authority, and have been here for years and sometimes decades. How do they do this? DISCLAIMER: Colombian Dreaming is in no way advocating breaking laws or tax evasion. […]

  • Viva la Fonda!

    A visit to a fonda antioqueña is always a big hit with tourists! Gaily painted in primary colors inside and out including the wooden furniture, often with a wild variety of items hanging from the ceiling, it’s a place for a tinto […]

  • The Virgin Appeared to Me in Sabaneta!

    I’m an avid walker, and I almost always discover something new on my walks. As I strolled up from the lowest part of Sabaneta, I saw a huge white virgin high up on a mountain at the end of the street and […]

  • An American Couple Calls a Colombian Pueblo Home

    The Reeds (not their real name) are a retired American couple who decided 16 months ago to live full time in Santágueda, a small town in Caldas near Manizales… Why Santágueda? Originally from Wisconsin, their last home in the USA was in […]

  • Restaurant Review: Cuernavaca

    As lovers of authentic Mexican food, we were eager to try Cuernavaca’s new location, a two story restaurant at one corner of the Parque de Envigado. It was packed all during the local festival which boded well, or so we thought… Cuernavaca’s […]

  • Pueblos: San Luis, Antioquia

    We start this new series of reports on the beautiful towns and villages of Colombia with San Luis, which is located in the southeast of Antioquia… Colombian pueblos (villages) like Barichara, Villa de Leyva, Jardin, Salento, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Mompox […]

  • Salpicón or Fruit Salad?

    Salpicón is extremely popular in Colombia and there are restaurants specializing in it. It’s tropical fruit in a cup, usually topped with…you guessed it cheese! But don’t call it “ensalada de frutas” (fruit salad) as you’ll get admonished! Why is it not […]

  • Hacking Colombia: Banking

    One of the topics that gets mangled on social is what’s required to open a bank account in Colombia. Here we try to set the record straight… Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Colombia? The answer is yes, but you’ll […]

  • Hacking Colombia: Personal Safety

    Updated Aug 27, 2022 To hear some expats and locals, there’s no danger whatsoever for foreigners in Colombia. Others describe Armageddon and make you wonder why they’re here. Ignore both types. The truth is somewhere in between. Here we’ll explore the topic […]