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  • My Insane Day at the Feria de las Flores Car Parade

    The Feria de las Flores is a hugely popular week long festival for both foreign and national tourists in and around Medellín. Many events are scheduled daily, including the annual Desfile de autos clásicos y antiguos (parade of antique and classic cars) […]

  • Restaurant Review: Otraparte

    El Café de Otraparte in Envigado, Antioquia is a long time famous place for locals, and it turns out the excellent food is part of the attraction! Otraparte, a vast garden patio restaurant, is behind and part of the Casa Museo Otraparte, […]

  • Restaurant Review: Chef Burger

    We’d never even thought of going to a Chef Burger franchise, but our party of 5 was not inclined to wait in line for up to an hour elsewhere at Premium Plaza in Medellín on a Saturday afternoon, and Burger Chef had […]

  • Hacking Colombia: Paying Bills

    When you decide to live in Colombia, you’ll naturally have bills to pay: rent, health care and utilities. This guide gives you the many ways to take care of these payments. Types of Payments Ease of payment depends on what type of […]

  • Restaurant Review: Emiliano La Taquería

    If you’ve ever had authentic Mexican food, you know what to look for, and in Medellín you’ll find it at one of the Emiliano La Taquería locations We visited the new location at the Viva Envigado shopping center. Even the simple decoration […]

  • Restaurant Review: Clap Burgers

    There are many, maybe too many, restaurants in Colombia that specialize in hamburgers. Clap Burgers is a national chain of restaurants and forgetting that the word clap could mean chlamydia in American slang, we gave them a try at their Envigado location… […]

  • Rents: City to City Comparison

    These are sample rents obtained via real estate search engines. They are random: It’s possible to find apartments at lower or higher rents. We did not find listings within our parameters in all medium sized cities (Ex: Armenia). In all examples, a […]

  • One American’s Secret Paradise: Ibagué

    Kevin Garrison is a retired American gent who has made Ibagué, spectacular capital of Tolima, his full time home. He has graciously contributed photos and details of his happy existence in a lesser known city of Colombia Ibagué is a very old […]

  • Let’s Talk Like Colombianos: Cuchibarbi

    Funny Word: Cuchibarbi Sounds like: Coo-Thchee-barh-bee Means: A woman of a certain age who dolls herself up (like a Barbie doll) Example: Esa vieja parece una cuchibarbi! (that woman looks like an old Barbie!) Origins: From cucha or older lady and the Mattel toy. […]

  • The Definitive Guide to Apartment Rentals

    Updated on September 7, 2022 Renting an apartment in Colombia for foreigners can be challenging. Much has been said on social networks on the topic including many falsehoods. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to successfully get a […]