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  • Colombia’s Climates

    FACT: THERE’S NO SEASONS IN COLOMBIA The entire country is tropical (meaning between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn), so wherever you go the temperature range is consistent year round (“isothermal”) and that range only depends on the elevation of where you are. Temperatures are […]

  • Going to the Movies in Colombia

    Movie theaters in Colombia were among the last businesses to reopen after most pandemic measures were removed. If you like going to the good old movies, read on… At one time I lived in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain) and although I’m fluent in Spanish, […]

  • Understanding “Estratos”

    Estratos, or strata, may be unique to Colombia but you’ll soon hear a lot about them especially if you look for a place to call your own here. An estrato is a stratum given to a residential building, house or complex ranging […]

  • Envigado is Made for Walking!

    If you like walking and window shopping, Envigado is great for both. The city largely kept its old downtown intact, so it has hundreds of shops of every kind imaginable, and it’s very safe and it’s unlikely you’ll see beggars. The central […]