Exchange Rates

Exchange rates on major currencies against the Colombian Peso (COP). This will be updated from time to time.

USD = 4607 COP

CAD = 3429 COP

EUR = 5023 COP

GBP = 5720 COP

AUD = 3127 COP

(from updated Mon Apr 3, 3:57 PM Col time)

Please remember that these are mid-market rates so NOT what you’ll get from your bank, which will be consumer rates and are a bit lower (usually 3%). Factor in the ATM’s banking fee and your foreign bank’s transaction fees, if any. Also, the rate you get is based on what exists at the time your bank’s currency trading desk executes the buy that will be used to cover your transaction, not when you withdraw from the ATM. A good place to get updates is We’ll update this post as well.

Note: this is not an endorsement of XE’s services

NOTES: Numbers rounded to nearest Peso.

Photo by Colombia Dreaming