Guarapo or Aguapanela?

Colombians love their sugar cane! Panela is unrefined sugar cane juice (most of the water will be boiled off) compacted into a puck or brick, or chopped up into a coarse sugar.

Guarapo is raw pressed sugar cane juice mixed with lime juice whilst aguapanela is rehydrated panela served warm (usually as a cold remedy) or cold also usually with lime juice. In both cases, limes can be substituted with orange lemons (my fav!)

Both are seriously delicious!

There’s an alcoholic drink also called guarapo made from fermented sugar cane juice, but what you’re more likely to find at fairs, restaurants and street stalls is the non-alcoholic version.

If you want to make aguapanela at home, here’s a web page to guide you……/