Guides to Life in Colombia

We have dozens of guides covering every aspect of living in Colombia, and more are being added every week…

  • Hacking Colombia: Cell Phones

    Paying roaming fees on your cell phone provider from back home may be very costly. Fortunately, Colombia does have inexpensive options you should consider. If you’re moving here, there’s plenty of other options. A List of Wireless Providers in Colombia Etb – […]

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  • The Guide to Buying Real Estate

    Because of the difficult to meet requirements to rent an apartment or house in Colombia, many foreigners choose to buy a home instead. Then they find out that it means buying 100% cash as there’s no leveraging possible here. Here’s your guide […]

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  • Hacking Colombia: Paying Bills

    When you decide to live in Colombia, you’ll naturally have bills to pay: rent, health care and utilities. This guide gives you the many ways to take care of these payments. Types of Payments Ease of payment depends on what type of […]

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