Hail the Colombian Intestinal Grenade!

Colombia is a country with an abundance of fruits, many of which people from Gringolandia have never seen. May I present to you the pitahaya. Pitahaya sounds like Peet-ah-yah, BTWAlso known as dragon fruit.

Often it’s sold with a bit of the branch on top, and you could swear you’re looking at a US military issue grenade, albeit yellow! And a grenade it is! Everybody here knows its powers as a laxative. It’s a delicious fruit, but Colombianos buy it only when they need to blow the dam back there!!

Thing is, when I first came to Colombia with my beloved (we met in Argentina), my future father-in-law told me he wanted me to try this fantastic fruit, you guessed it, the pitahaya. “You can eat all you want”, he added. I had two. My dam leaked for two days straight after that. My father-in-law was a terrific joker I quickly learned!

I apologize in advance to other Colombiano jokers out there for ruining a perfectly good prank, and if you’re a tourist, I just saved you from becoming an innocent victim of the infamous pitahaya prank, but if you do suffer estreñimiento (guess what that means) while you’re here, you know to head to the fruit section of the supermarket!

There’s also a red pitahaya, the same dragon fruit used in Starbucks drinks, but it’s laxative properties aren’t as pronounced as with the yellow version according to our Facebook group members.

You’re welcome!