Let’s Talk Like Colombianos: Awesome

  • Chévere : Sounds like tchEH-veh-reh : Same as in Venezuela
  • Bacano : Sounds like bah-cah-no
  • Súper : Sounds like SOO-pair. Can also be used in a super-superlative like “super chevere”
  • Genial Sounds like hey-knee-al. Note: There’s a raspy G at the beginning, but that sound doesn’t exist in English!
  • Chimba : Sounds like tcheem-bah. Usually used with “que” as in “Qué chimba!“. This word can also be used vulgarly, thus it might be wise to avoid it!

Those are the ones you’re most likely to hear and as Colombia is a hugely (and awesomely!) culturally diverse country, you might not hear one or the other in some regions of the country.