Restaurant Review: Chef Burger

We’d never even thought of going to a Chef Burger franchise, but our party of 5 was not inclined to wait in line for up to an hour elsewhere at Premium Plaza in Medellín on a Saturday afternoon, and Burger Chef had a few tables left. We are now all big fans!

There’s a LOT of burger joints in Colombia, but if we’re being perfectly honest, not many deliver the freshness nor the deliciousness they promise! Not a single bite of national chain’s Chef Burger’s fare was left on any of our plates, so in our opinion, they delivered in spades!

3 of our party had the basic burger combo, while 2 had the chicken burger combo, all with fries as a side. Drinks were separate. The fries with skins (casco) were pretty good but the small tubs of sauces that accompanied them for dipping made them extraordinary! The two patty burgers were clearly made with fresh beef rather than frozen patties and cooked to perfection (not raw as many expats frequently complain about restaurant meats!) ,garnishings were fresh, and the buns were tasty and not the kind that fall apart in your hands! We’re not going to wax eloquently about how exquisite this or that was, so suffice to say, our meals were delicious and left us all satisfied!

Surprisingly, despite the décor that seems to scream “overpriced”, that’s not the case: the basic burger combo is less than 20,000 pesos, or roughly 4.75 US (at 4200 COP/USD) which is even less than any combo at El Corral, the popular burger chain which cannot hold a candle to Chef Burger!

Our Verdict: A Winner!

Note: Chef Burger is unrelated to the US Burger Chef chain that went out of business in 1996.

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