Restaurant Review: Cuernavaca

As lovers of authentic Mexican food, we were eager to try Cuernavaca’s new location, a two story restaurant at one corner of the Parque de Envigado. It was packed all during the local festival which boded well, or so we thought…

Cuernavaca’s specialty is tacos, and the carne al pastor stack on a spit is right where everybody can see it from the street and the aromas draw them in. Thing is, authentic Mexican it’s not…

We ordered a platter with 4 different types of tacos and to wash them down, a flor de Jamaica and a Tamarindo juice. To start things off on the wrong foot, the presentation of the tacos on the platter was sloppy, but then our notes got worse…


  • The decoration is spectacular — muy chevere!
  • The service was good, lots of staff (Note: it wasn’t busy at the time)
  • Great location
  • Nice place for a drink at night!


  • There was only one tortilla per taco so of course they immediately fell apart
  • The tortillas were cold (but not the fillings)
  • There was no cilantro on them at all, just chopped onions!!!
  • No guacamole!!!
  • The meats were mushed instead of the chewy bits one would expect.
  • The flor de Jamaica was watery and flavorless

We recently reviewed Emiliano La Taquería, which we DO recommend for authentic Mexican food. Read that article HERE.

Would we go back to Cuernavaca? Maybe for drinks, not the food
Do we recommend Cuernavaca? Maybe for drinks, not the food

Verdict: Disappointing

Disclaimer: We received no benefit from reviewing this business, paid for our meals, and were not asked to do this review. It is our opinion only and others may have a different one.
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