Restaurant Review: Emiliano La Taquería

If you’ve ever had authentic Mexican food, you know what to look for, and in Medellín you’ll find it at one of the Emiliano La Taquería locations

We visited the new location at the Viva Envigado shopping center. Even the simple decoration and cheap tables and chairs are authentic, looking much like many taquerías I loved when I lived in Mexico!

Right up front is the classic carne al pastor (pork) on a revolving spit even though the kitchen is at the back of the restaurant. This is a deliberate strategy that works in drawing you in! Tacos al pastor aren’t the only Mexican classics here: there’s a variety of tacos, tortas (sandwiches in Mexican parlance) and quesadillas, among other things.

The real deal tacos are made of soft corn tortillas, strips of chicken, pork or steak, a bit of guacamole, topped with cilantro, served with fresh slices of lime which you squeeze on top, and this is exactly what you get! If you’re like me, you add a very hot chili sauce, which they also provided.

Everything our party tried was tasty: tacos, tortas and quesadillas. To wash it all down, besides the usual sodas, they offer horchata, Mexico’s traditional rice drink, and a couple of Mexican beers, Sol and Tecate.

Prices are quite reasonable for Colombia, starting at 5,000 pesos for a single taco al pastor and from 17,000 for 3 tacos with other meats. Service wasn’t stellar, but no serious offenses were committed!

One thing we think they could improve: use 2 tortillas per taco so they don’t fall apart. This is common practice and tortillas are dirt cheap. Also, we’d like them to always have Jamaica, another popular Mexican drink, on the menu. It was available the first time, but not on subsequent visits.

All in all, we give Emiliano La Taquería high marks, giving real Mexican food fans what they crave when so many local joints others fail to even remotely deliver that experience!

Viva Envigado location:

Camino Real location:

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