Restaurant Review: Otraparte

El Café de Otraparte in Envigado, Antioquia is a long time famous place for locals, and it turns out the excellent food is part of the attraction!

Otraparte, a vast garden patio restaurant, is behind and part of the Casa Museo Otraparte, a small museum dedicated to writer and philosopher Fernando González. The museum often hosts private reunions, and features a beautiful ceramic fountain at the front in addition to paths through the tropical gardens. The buildings are in the old Spanish colonial style with arches and red tiled roofs. All in all, a very relaxing and beautiful setting.

We were there around noon on a weekday and it was already quite busy. We seated ourselves and thought the wait for service would be long, but it actually wasn’t. We ordered plates of fettucine, one with camarones (shrimps) and a curry sauce, and the other with Teryaki sauce. These plates cost 21,000 and 17,000 pesos respectively, so only about 4 and 3 US dollars at current exchange rates. We had lemonades, one with herbs and the other with coconut (a popular drink in Colombia) to wash it down. We were surprised at the generous portions! Most notably, the creamy curry sauce was ample and with lots of shrimps! As for flavors and textures, they were perfect and we left our plates clean! The lemonades were emptied as well!

Photo by Klau / Colombia Dreaming

The restaurant also operates at night, and be forewarned that it’s extremely popular then as well. Many just come for a drink or dessert.

Casa Museo Otraparte

Avenida Fernando, Cra. 43A #27A Sur 11, Envigado, Antioquia

(604) 448-2404
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