Restaurant Review: Sabor Llanero

If you like meat, the best here is arguably Llanero-style. Colombia’s llanos, or plains, are on the east side of the Andes, where the cows can grow fat and not muscular from climbing steep hills! Sabor Llanero is the subject of our review today.

Sabor Llanero has three locations: Cali, Palmira (Valle), and a new one in the Santa Fe mall in Medellín. We went to the latter several times and although it’s just a counter in a food court, it immediately draws your attention for the mountain of meat cooking on flames (photo above) behind a large window.

Our favorite was the pork and the best deal on the menu at 17,000 Pesos (about 4 USD). A generous amount of flavorful and well cooked cuts of meat accompanied by a fried plantain, a potato, a hunk of fried yuca (cassava) and 2 sauces.

The last two times, however, were a bit disappointing, especially the last when we were clearly given old meat that was bone dry [photo below] so quality-wise it was inconsistent. People here will tell you that if you show up at a restaurant right after it opens for the day, you might get yesterday’s leftovers. As it turns out, we showed-up at opening both times, so maybe delay your arrival!

Sabor LLanero:

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Photos by Colombia Dreaming