Salpicón or Fruit Salad?

Salpicón is extremely popular in Colombia and there are restaurants specializing in it. It’s tropical fruit in a cup, usually topped with…you guessed it cheese! But don’t call it “ensalada de frutas” (fruit salad) as you’ll get admonished!

Why is it not fruit salad? Simply because Salpicón has the finely diced fruit floating in a bit of fruit juice, whereas ensalada de frutas doesn’t! I never made that distinction before, but there you have it!

More importantly, salpicón is delicious! Colombia is blessed with a rainy tropical climate where bananas, mangos and papayas grow anywhere, even in the wild! You can ask them to not put cheese on top or add ice cream or whip cream (crema chantilly) if you want to get decadent!

A favorite place for salpicon in the is the Medellín area is the chain of La Jugosa restaurants (the map below only shows the Sabaneta location — there’s many more). The restaurants are painted in loud colors but we guarantee that if you go there once, you’ll become addicted! Prices are more than reasonable to boot!

La Jugosa website:

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