The Virgin Appeared to Me in Sabaneta!

I’m an avid walker, and I almost always discover something new on my walks. As I strolled up from the lowest part of Sabaneta, I saw a huge white virgin high up on a mountain at the end of the street and had to investigate! Okay, I actually thought it was Jesus, because that’s typically what you find on mountains here!

The huge statue of the Virgin with baby Jesus in her arms standing on the moon is at the very top of the Casa de la Cultura lands. This oasis in the city features tropical gardens, a beautiful colonial building, a theater and a sports and recreation center. As it was mid afternoon, it was quiet as can be with a few lone people enjoying the serenity of their surroundings.

If you live in Sabaneta, here’s a place for you to go and unwind anytime. Anybody can visit, there’s no entrance fee. The Parque de Sabaneta, the central plaza with its historic basilica, is nearby as is downtown Sabaneta with hundreds of shops and restaurants.

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