Who is Amparo Grisales?

It’s almost impossible to live in Colombia without hearing about Amparo Grisales, just like you’re sure to hear about one Kardashian or another in the USA. Who is Amparo?

Amparo’s celebrity status started at just 14 as a Colombian soap star in 1970. Her beauty is legendary and remains so to this day at 66. The video screen shot used for this article is from 2021. It is her timeless figure that has made her the spokesperson for beauty products and a an idol for many women here. She has been the love interest of many famous Romeos, including Julio Iglesias at one time.

Amparo throughout her life continued to star in soaps and movies, modelled, and is a talent “judge” on reality shows. She’s also wrote books, but it’s in those beauty commercials and in magazines like Alo where you’re most likely encounter her likeness!

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