Hacking Colombia: News Sources

Most adult Colombians love their news fix. A lot happens in this country, so there’s never any shortage of news. Where you get your fix is up to you. Here we lay it all out for you…


If you watch your news on cable TV, almost all news providers have their programs during weekdays very early in the morning, at midday, and one or two editions in the evenings. Very few broadcasts on weekends and holidays, and what there is is usually on Saturdays. Be forewarned that commercial breaks in Colombia are often a marathon lasting as much as 10 minutes! Also be aware that long in-studio interview segments are a common feature, but these usually come after the main stories of the day have been covered. Sports almost always comes late in any broadcast. Most of those we listed below are channels not dedicated to news unless otherwise indicated.

  • Caracol : Bogotá-centric. Newscasts at 5:45 AM, 12:30 PM, 7 PM and 11:30 PM weekdays except holidays.
  • RCN : Bogotá-centric
  • Teleantioquia : Medellín-centric
  • Telemedellin : Medellín-centric
  • CM& : National and international news. Usually starts with international, then followed by a very long interview segment “Pregunta Yamid”, followed by national headlines.



All media mentioned so far have their online version. Some are free, others require a paid subscription, while others are a mix of both. By clicking the name of any news source mentioned, you can access their virtual version.

  • Colombia Reports : Pretty much the only site in English that’s dedicated to Colombian news. Has been around since 2008.
  • El Bogotano : Bogotá-centric news
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