Guides to Life in Colombia

We have dozens of guides covering every aspect of living in Colombia, and more are being added every week…

  • Hacking Colombia: Income Taxes

    Many expats living here don’t file annual income taxes with the DIAN, Colombia’s tax authority, and have been here for years and sometimes decades. How do they do this? DISCLAIMER: Colombian Dreaming is in no way advocating breaking laws or tax evasion. […]

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  • Hacking Colombia: Banking

    One of the topics that gets mangled on social is what’s required to open a bank account in Colombia. Here we try to set the record straight… Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Colombia? The answer is yes, but you’ll […]

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  • Hacking Colombia: Personal Safety

    Updated Aug 27, 2022 To hear some expats and locals, there’s no danger whatsoever for foreigners in Colombia. Others describe Armageddon and make you wonder why they’re here. Ignore both types. The truth is somewhere in between. Here we’ll explore the topic […]

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