Which is Better? Medellín’s Rum OR Caldas’?

Stay here long enough and it becomes likely locals will ask you a trick question: Which rum is better? Ron Medellin or Ron de Caldas? (Ron is rum in Spanish)

The Safe answers

  • Say the rum that the one asking is drinking and now she/he’s your best pal!
  • Failing that, say the one of the area the asker is from
  • Failing that, say Medellin’s if you’re in Antioquia, Caldas if you’re in the Eje Cafetero

The Wrong Answers

Answer this if you want hate…

  • Neither
  • Both the same (crap)
  • I don’t drink!
  • Captain Morgan / Bacardi / Cockspur, etc.

The Answers that might get a Laugh

Any of these might get you off the hook…

  • Aguardiente (it’s the national drink)
  • Depends how drunk I am. If very, I’ll love either.
  • If your name is Ron and you’re from Memphis (or wherever), point at yourself “Ron de Memphis”

Remember, your drinking partners might be intoxicated and really, they just want you to say what they want to hear (which may result in lots of free rum)! Also, this article is just for fun, and yes, we know there’s different ages of rum, but they mean the cheap stuff!

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