Colombia’s Climates


The entire country is tropical (meaning between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn), so wherever you go the temperature range is consistent year round (“isothermal”) and that range only depends on the elevation of where you are. Temperatures are much cooler in Pasto (photo), for instance, even though it’s very, very close to the equator, but it’s at a very high elevation. If you want to roast, you head to sea level, say Cartagena.

Rainy season you say? Colombia is officially the rainiest country in the world (some parts of the country are on the dryer side of the spectrum, nothing is ever absolute!), and if you’re in an Andean city like Medellín, it’s a pretty good bet that every day is rainy season. People here say “verano” (summer) and “invierno” (winter) but they’re not referring to seasons — they just mean it’s sunny or rainy!

Welcome to Colombia, pick your ideal temperature and go there!